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Hello there,


if you are a serious SPNet Member, do yourself a BIG favour and follow my system. Start right here, below ... 



This system will add a few followers into this easy to fill power matrix right here for you:


The Power Matrix


The system does this almost automatically!

You just take your own Affiliate Link from the Power Matrix and create a free, permanent ad for your Power Matrix Position in this program here:


Home Page Adz


To make sure your ad gets a lot of continuous exposure sending you visitors who will join the Power Matrix under you, take your Home Page Adz Start Page link and add it to this program here:


Auto Hits


The link looks like this -"your_id"

Once you have done this, you are finished setting up the whole system.

You just have to let Auto Hits run on its own when ever you can spare the time and a little computer power ... this will give you lots of credits for your Power Matrix ad on Home Page Adz while filling your Matrix Down Line automatically for you.

It's important you let your down line know how this system works by sending them to this web page here so they can continue where you left off ... so don't forget!


Best wishes,


Franto Hruz


The Business Builder Group


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