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Advertising, Phase 2 (JV’s) :- Part 15

Advertising, Phase 2 (JV’s) :- Part 15

This is Part 15 of our multi part report and system that teaches you how to build a business from the ground up the CORRECT way.

A very famous man once said that he would rather have 1% the effort of others than 100% of his own. Today’s lesson encompasses that wholeheartedly.

JV… two simple letters of the alphabet, to those who do not know what it stands for no big oohhh or aahhh. To those who know what the letters stand for but have never employed it, the effect is little better.

On the other hand for anyone who has used Joint Ventures there is no question of the power of such an endeavor. When 2, 3 or more people combine their resources there is MONEY to be made! Continue reading

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