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All Roads Lead to... a slow Boat to China?

All Roads Lead to... a slow Boat to China?

I think it's fair to say that most people on-line today, that are looking to make money, are interested in making it now.  Not in some distant undefined point in the future and I think it's also fair to say that they are looking to make a significant amount of money as well.

Unfortunately for many people that, is the sum and total of their business plan.  No idea of what market they should enter, how much to spend either in time or in money.  Not even a clue as to what is a realistic opportunity or reasonable time frame in which to generate a return.

For them getting on-line and looking for a way to make money is like joining a  school.  Not the school you go to to learn from, but the tern used to describe a collection of fish which are food for predators.

SWOOSH the school flocks to a program.  The predators running the program feed on them for a time and suddenly SWOOSH it's off to the next best greatest thing and the cycle repeats itself.

Again and again folks follow the crowd, wowed by the hype and unable to commit themselves to a realistic timetable and program in order to generate the cash they dream about.

The first half of the title of this lesson is part of an old saying "All roads lead to Rome".  The implication is that no matter what you do, if you see it through you will get to where you want to be.

The second part is essentially the same, as the quote refers to getting to a distant place over the course of time.  There are many quotes and examples that can be used here but they will all tell you the same thing.  Determine your goal, set your path and follow it until you arrive!

The promise of instant riches is not a reality except for the "shark" circling the school of people like you all looking to learn how to make money on line.  The sad part is that you do not even realize when you have a golden opportunity at hand.

One of my inspirations has always been William Randolph Hearst, newspaper magnate and entrepreneur who built his empire by selling his newspapers for a penny when everyone else sold theirs for five cents.

Even as a kid, I understood that 3 nickles was worth more than one dime.  A concept most people seem to miss and poo-hoo on their way to finding the perfect program to make their millions with.

I'll give you an example, have you heard of PTC, or Pay-to-Click as they are known?
The idea is that you view and ad for a set amount of time and are paid a set fee for each ad viewed.

Now the fee is small and usually pathetic and many who join, click for a few days and then stop after earning only ten to twenty cents.  I am the first to admit that unless your living in a third world country where the average income per year is a hundred dollars per person, three to five cents per day is nothing to cheer about.

Now I want you to remember that we are talking about concepts here and the concept is sound for large or small income generating programs.  Lets get back to the PTC stuff.

A number of years ago I joined many of these programs to see what could be done with them.  Well most went away but a few endured and as I applied my methods to them they bore fruit.

You see if you refer people to a program, many will join, work for a bit and fall away again.  There are always a few who will stick with it and you can earn a percentage of what they make, and as you and they add more people your income goes up.

I'm not going to tell you that I am rich from ptc programs, because I'm not. But the principle I use generates a nice monthly cash flow today that would leave you flabbergasted if I told you how much I am making.

You don't need the instant overnight riches programs you just need to apply this same principle to a program that generates you $5 a day and in 48 to 60 months you could be looking at a six figure income!

So the next time your on the road to success... take the slow boat.

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