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Today I want to talk about chats in Traffic Exchange Sites (TE). First some simple rules because not every TE has rules for their chat. Most important don't talk about politics and religion or make jokes about it, it maybe is a joke in your country or region but for others it is not. A chat is international, many people forget about this. Next is never spam people with your business or put your link in chat, a chat is to socialize with people get friends with it, after some time they will even ask you what you are doing online. Just use your common sense when in chat, treat people the way you want to be threatened. there are many articles about chats read about them Here you will find other great articles about marketing too. One more rule, it is actually not a rule but I find it boring and annoying, never say good morning, good day or good evening when entering a chat, as I said before a chat is international. Just think of it it's your evening and someone comes in and say Good morning everyone. For me it is like he/she is greeting only people from his time zone. I would recommend just to say Hi or Hello, you can say it the whole day, right? At TE chats with a gravatar or the possibility to upload your picture you should add your picture first before you start using the chat, again just a suggestion. I see so many people without a pic, they look like a ghost, do you want to buy from a ghost? I won't. One more suggestion is use a profile pic with a big cheese smile, I won't listen to anyone what a cool business they have with a face like somebody in their family had an accident. That's it for today, I wonder that I wrote that much, anyway have fun with a chat.

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Comment by Franto Hruz on February 16, 2013 at 2:45pm

Interesting report! 

Have you tried using the Viral Traffic Machine?

Take a look what you get when you use the VTM first and then add your Promo Pages to a GREAT web page rotator after, to make them 


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