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Group Pinterest board are a great way to put your best pins in front of an audience and gain new followers!

If you’re looking to create a group board, it can be a little tricky. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t waste time or get a headache while creating one of these goldmines :)

How to create a group Pinterest board (and why you need to!)First, you’ll want to create a board. Click the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen:

Create a group Pinterest board

Give your board a name. Many people create names that start with the beginning letters of the alphabet or use symbols such as * or # to make sure their board is seen first when you repin something (because your repin options are shown in alphabetical order):


Name Your Pinterest Group Board

Add a description to your board. This is very important! Your board names and descriptions use keywords that are used when someone searches on Pinterest and Google. This description will be picked up for the terms best smoothie recipesgreen smoothies and fruit smoothies. I actually went in and just added dessert smoothies to the description.

Add titles and descriptions to your Pinterest boards

At this point, I recommend adding a few pins to get you started. Also, it’s time to ask a few friends to join. Before adding friends to the board, first ask if they would like to be a part of your group board. If you add someone, they’ll automatically begin seeing content from that board in their feed. If it’s a large group board, it may take over their feed. It’s polite to always ask first.

Anyone who follows all of your boards will automatically be following your new board. You can go into “edit board” and begin typing the name of the person (who follows your board) who you would like to invite–Pinterest will automatically fill in the blank for you:

Add people to group Pinterest board

If you would like to invite someone to your group board and their name isn’t autopopulating when you begin to type their name into the “who can pin” space, here are some issues that may be going on:

1. The person you’d like to add isn’t following your board.

2. You’re not following the person you’re trying to add (you must follow at least one board of the person you want to invite)

3. You’re typing in a different name than their Pinterest name (maybe you’re typing their blog name, but they’re using their real name).

4. If they just started following your board, or you just started following theirs, give Pinterest a few hours to update before attempting to add them.

Pros to having Pinterest Group Boards:

-Plan events with family members, like weddings or showers!

-Promote the posts of similar-niche bloggers or bloggers who you are close with

-Plan holiday meals with family members

-Working on a campaign together? Promote your campaign posts through a group board!

Happy pinning!

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