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Fill er up... Bra Sizing The Correct Way

Fill er up... Bra Sizing The Correct Way

Look my excuse is I have a bad case of bronchial pneumonia and writing a new article today just didn't happen so I grabbed one from my files, I do write on a large variety of topics.

Guys, have fun with this one and see if you can come up with a way for it to relate to business... and for anyone NOT familiar with the technique.... LEARN something here!

Have you ever gone out and bought a nice stylish bra only to have it pinch here, squeeze there and gouge a canyon in your flesh after wearing it for a few hours?

How about that bra that you picked up on sale that has you falling out all over the place and at the most inappropriate times.  Sound familiar?

Well its not always your fault.  While sizes are standardized there are some companies that buy bras that are made in countries where quality control is not of the highest standard, so check where your bra is made before you buy it.

Buying a bra that fits correctly is most of the battle but most women do not know what size they actually are, they guess at it and that leads to discomfort and poor fit.

Other women buy a smaller size hoping it will push things up and make them look better (or bigger).  Save yourself the agony, there are styles of bras that will perform that function while still fitting you properly.

So here is the "CORRECT" way to size yourself for a bra:

Step #1
Put on a bra when taking measurements.  Strange as it sounds this helps get you the most accurate measurements.  Make sure it's your best fitting bra.  If you don't have one... that's ok, just follow the rest of the instructions anyway.

Step #2
To find your bra size - measure in inches directly under the bust. the tape measure should be tight around your body and level across your back. If the number is even add 4", if odd add 5".  This is your bra size.

Step #3
To find your cup size - gently measure around the fullest part of the bust making sure the tape is level across your back. The difference between your bra and your full bust measurement is your cup size.

Same as bra size = A cup
1" more = B cup     2" more = C cup     3" more = D cup     4" more = DD cup
5" more = E cup     6" more = F cup     7" more = FF cup     8" more = G cup

Hence a 38" D cup would be calculated as follows:
Step #2 = 33"+5" = a bra size of 38"
Step #3 = 43"
Calculation is 43"-38" = 3" or cup size D

Thus the correct bra size is 38D.

It is pretty basic once you get the hang of it and a simple means of never having to suffer from ill fitting bras ever again!


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