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The way to generate FREE Leads for you is to introduce others in the Home Based Business Industry to sign up for their OWN Free Lead System Forever. The new person becomes a Quality Lead because that person meets 2 very key criteria as follows to make them a great prospect for your business

1) They are already in a home based business (you don't need to convince them it makes sense to be involved in a home based business). 

2) They are someone looking to grow their home based business (many unfortunately aren't, so the fact that they are signing up for their own Free Lead System Forever tells you they are looking to grow their business). 

A study has shown that approximately 75% of people in the home based business industry will CHANGE companies on average every 4 months! This means, when you stay in touch with your leads, and create value for them, you have a good chance that they will switch to YOUR company at some point. 

We provide many tools and training to help you put your website address in front of others. Put your mouse on "Promotional Tools" (near the top of every page in this Admin Area) to find a list of many ways to advertise your website. As well, the "Training" button provides tips to help you generate leads. 


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